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Mrs. Rochelle Scanlon

Mrs. Rochelle Scanlon

6th Grade

Thank you for visiting the sixth grade information page. Being a sixth grader at St. Pius includes many things for our students. Aside from being considered a “Middle School” student, sixth grade requires students to be more responsible. One can expect more homework, less recess, and higher-level thinking based learning. However, we still like to have fun and do a multitude of activities that require group work and a high level of student to student interaction. In sixth grade one can also expect to be able to participate in student council, national geography bee, and the Knights of Columbus spelling bee.

As a middle school student, a sixth grader at St. Pius will have more than one teacher. This means that the students will not be in the same room with the same teacher all day long. When moving from classroom to classroom throughout the day our students are responsible for carrying the necessary supplies for each class with them. Also, our middle school students at St. Pius get their very own locker for things such as backpacks, coats and books.

Aside from the normal academic curriculum we take part in daily religious activities such as morning and afternoon prayer and religion class. We also attend weekly mass and celebrate important liturgical events throughout the year.

In sixth grade our students still enjoy weekly art, computer, music, Spanish and gym classes, along with daily access to our library and computer and science labs. We also attend camp every year where students get a chance to learn outside of the classroom.

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