7th Grade

Welcome to the St. Pius seventh grade web site page!

This page is meant as in introduction to the seventh grade providing basic information. We have a blog, which we use to post the current things going on in our classroom. If you would like to visit the blog, please use the link at the bottom of the page.

The teacher is Mrs. Kavanaugh. She has been teaching in the Detroit Archdiocese for 31 years. She serves as the science specialist for the middle school as well as teaching English and vocabulary to the 6th grade. The seventh grade students have several other teachers. Mr. Crupi is the math specialist for the middle school. Mr. Lamb is the social studies specialist and teaches current events. Mrs. Treusch is the language arts specialist and teaches English to the 7th grade. Mrs. Demerly, one of our fifth grade homeroom teachers, teaches literature. Ms. Horner is our religion specialist and teaches religion class. She also plans and prepares the students for masses in which they take part.

Homework is given Monday through Thursday and sometimes on weekends. Students use assignment notebooks to keep track of the homework, upcoming events, and for communication between the parents and the teachers. We adhere to the grading scale put forth by the archdiocese. Parents and students may check on grades using the Gradelink website. Grades are usually posted within a week of the assignment. The office will provide a code for Gradelink for each family. There is a link on the side of this page for the math series and vocabulary series we use. Feel free to check out the sites.

The greatest challenge for all middle school students is the mastery of organizing their time, work, and materials. Students are expected to come to class prepared to work. This means having all their materials and supplies ready to begin class. Folders, homework, books, notes, paper, and writing tools are needed every day. 7th graders have lockers in which to store their supplies. Students may bring in items for their lockers. Since tape is not allowed on the inside, magnets make a nice alternative for hanging things up.

The seventh grade is responsible for helping to keep the school safe before and after school as well as during lunch recess. They are members of the AAA Safety Patrol taking care of such duties as opening and holding doors at the beginning and end of the day, picking up safety cones, acting as bus safeties and parking lot monitors, and collecting the recycling for the school several times a week.

Students are able to participate in several academic endeavors during the year. We compete in the Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee, the National Geographic Society Geography Bee, the Aquinas Academic Olympics, the Math Counts competition, and the Wayne County Science Olympiad competition. Students often find others such as poster, poetry, or essay contests in which to participate as well. The students spend time in service to others as a way of fulfilling our commitment to God. We also manage to find time for activities with other classes, like our Kindergarten buddies.

If you have any questions or would like to come visit us to see what we are really like, we look forward to hearing from you. Please call the school office at 734-284-6500.