Events & Fundraisers


Please support our school Auction. The Auction is the biggest fundraiser that our school relies on each and every year. Our children reap the benefits from this fundraiser in many ways. The money that is raised helps fund numerous school improvements and new programs for our children.

2017 jogathon.jpg


This fundraiser is held each October to help maintain and upgrade our school’s technology and software. Students solicit pledges for each mile they jog. Eight laps make one mile. Prizes are awarded depending on the amount of pledge money turned in to the school. This is a fun-filled day for all involved: Students, staff, and the many parents who come to help and cheer on the students. Students in grades 7 & 8 walk to Mulberry Lanes for an afternoon of bowling. Pledges cover the cost of bowling with additional funds going to technology. The preschoolers will also participate with a fun event of their own-their annual Bike-a-thon.

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Magazine Sales

The beginning of the school year brings us our annual Magazine Sale. A variety of magazine subscriptions are offered for purchase. The monies for this fundraiser help reduce operating costs for the school.

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Casual Days

One dollar donation for casual days as indicated on our monthly school calendar. Proceeds from the casual days are used to expand upon and enrich existing programs and the educational environment.