Spiritual and Moral Development

St. Pius Catholic School is a faith-based school built on the following principles:

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  1. To prepare students for a progressively deeper and more mature life of faith.

  2. To nurture the silence of heart that awakens a sense of prayer and openness to the word of God.

  3. To lead the students to a meaningful participation in liturgical worship.

  4. To compliment family efforts to transmit the traditions of our Catholic heritage.

  5. To foster the formation of a right conscience.

  6. To foster the building of a true Christian community both in the school and in the family.

  7. To develop the students’ attitudes of service.

  8. To promote the dignity of every human person, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin or economic position.

Daily Instruction:

All students participate in religious instruction for thirty to forty-five minutes each day. Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten use Family First by Sadlier.  The Blest are We series, published by Sadlier, is used as the basic text through grade six. The seventh and eighth grades use the Faith First series from the same publisher.

Although some children who attend this school do not belong to the Catholic faith, we feel that our education is effective because it flows from our Christian principles. It is for this reason that every child participates in our religious instruction classes and all other school liturgical services. Further, we express the belief that if our religious instruction is to be truly effective, every child should be participating in his/her own Church.

Liturgical Preparation:

The entire student body gathers for Eucharistic liturgy each Thursday or Holy Day at 8:30 A.M. Families are always welcome to attend any liturgical celebration with the students. During the celebration of the mass, our non-Catholic students are welcome to come forward for a blessing during the reception of the Eucharist.

Preparation for the Sacraments:

Class preparation is in grade two. Older students are prepared by special arrangement. Parents are expected to participate in the meetings and activities provided by the Director of Faith Formation.

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Class preparation is in grade two. Older students are prepared by special arrangement. The Director of Faith Formation provides meetings for parents in preparation for the sacrament.

It is important to note that First Eucharist is celebrated as a parish community as directed by the Archdiocese of Detroit. As such, ALL children of St. Pius Catholic School and the children of St. Pius X Faith Formation Program will celebrate this sacrament together in one community. Depending on the number of children, the program will be divided alphabetically, so we may provide a comfortable seating arrangement for all of our families. We celebrate this sacrament in great joy as we receive the Precious Body and Blood of Jesus Christ as one parish community.

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Students in grade eight are prepared for the reception of this sacrament. Parents, sponsors, and students are expected to attend and participate in programs and activities held prior to the reception of Confirmation.

Altar Servers

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Training for the ministry of altar service generally begins with recruits in the fourth grade. This service is open to girls and boys in both parochial and public school. This parish is blessed with a large group of children who serve at liturgies. When assigned to serve a weekday Mass, students are excused from class for that time only. They must personally ask the teacher for any assignments given in the class, whether they were done in class or are to be done for homework. The teacher will provide them with these assignments and any help they may need to do this work.

Youth Mass

Once a month students are chosen from grades 6-8 in conjunction with the parish Faith Formation students to participate in the Sunday Mass. They are chosen to be Lectors, Readers for the Intercessions and Gift Bearers.

Youth Group (R.O.C.K.)

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St. Pius is so proud to have ROCK, Relying On Christ the King. It is a dynamic teen group welcoming all Downriver youth in 8th – 12th grades. They meet at 6:30 pm on Sunday evenings here at St. Pius. Meetings include multimedia presentations, special speakers, music, prayer, movies, games, food, friends and fun. Call Mrs. Albright at 734-281-6504 for the schedule or for more information.